'Another World' is a horror and exploration game for PC created by ADgee. This game (if it was real) was created with C ++ and GameMaker Studios.


Once, a group of friends was with a science project. They wanted to discover something absolutely new. One day, while they were with the thing, they ended up discovering a different world, which would be supposedly made from their imagination. However, something went wrong. A strange portal opened in the midst of the air, and absorbed one of them. 

20 years later, you are sent on a rescue mission to that same dimension. But it will not be like a walk in the park. Your name is Henry, and you are going to enter a world that had not been seen before. You go with your flashlight. And you will NOT be alone.


The game consists of avoiding monsters, exploring and surviving. The player has 6 Life Points (Living Points in English, PV or LP). This number can vary depending on the Difficulty (4 in Normal Mode, 3 in Hard Mode and 1 only in Hell Mode).

It can interact with the environment. From a certain version, a store, objects and bitcoins are added. Each day (7) lasts 2 and a half hours.




Unknown real name, is the main antagonist of the game. It was the person that the portal absorbed, the only human without counting the player. He will try to kill you at all costs for practically the entire game. He can remove all the PVs at once. You can temporarily scare him with the flashlight, since he does not support the flashlights.He's the boss of the monsters.

Grim Reaper

It is one of the enemies that is found throughout the game. It appears from day 2 to day 6. It will hit you with its scythe and will take 1 life point for each hit. You can beat him with the flashlight or hit him until he runs away with the axe. He's known to be the second-in-command.


Number Track Plays
01 Introduction At the intro.
02 The Beginning At the title screen.
03 Another Story At the menu screen.



The Forest

Forest Ambience

Plays in the forest during daytime

Plays in the forest during nighttime.

05 Ghost Town In the abandoned town on Day IV-VI.
06 Chasing When the player is being chased by a monster.
07 In Peril Whenever the player has low health/LP.(sped-up version of "Chasing".)
08 Game Over Self-explanatory.
09 Nullified During the final battle agaisnt Null on Day VII.
10 A Happy Ending When talking to the characters in the Good Ending.
11 Let's Go Home After leaving through the exit portal.
12 I'll Be There A song sang by Scarlet. Plays on the credits sequence.
13 Forgotten At the Bad Ending
14 Proof of Existence When talking to Null in the ending about certain easter egg.

The following songs have a shared leitmotif:

Chasing-In Peril-Ghost Town

A Happy Ending-Let's Go Home

Introduction-Proof of Existence

Forest Ambience-Forgotten

Nullified-I'll Be There